Construction Equipment Economics

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Construction Equipment Economics is written for everyone involved with the management of heavy mobile equipment.

The tools, techniques and ideas presented will improve fleet management and increase return on investment. It is designed for people who want to develop new ways, and gives the confidence needed to learn innovate and change.

The material is based on the Equipment Executive series published monthly in Construction Equipment magazine starting in October 2003. Substantial new material has been added and quantitative tools have been developed to assist in implementing many of the concepts described.

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Note from the author

"This is not a text book. It is a desk book that is full of ideas, examples and inspiration. It should be on your desk not on a forgotten book shelf. It needs to be used and must become dirty, dog eared and full of personal notes.

Do not start at the beginning and read right through the book. Start with a chapter or section that looks interesting and explore from there. Browse and think; don't look for answers. Look for methods, ideas and inspiration. Enjoy the challenge of learning and act when you see opportunity to improve.

There are no shortcuts to change. You need to understand what you do, think creatively about the future and take action. I hope this book helps."

-Mike Vorster

Main Topics

  • Organization
    • How to organize your business so that you maximize the value of your equipment
    • How to achieve effectiveness in your organization
    • How to make internal rental rates work and maintain balance between equipment and operations.
  • Economics
    • How to estimate the cost of equipment and operations
    • How compare your values through the history of owning and operating your fleet.
    • How to develop data to show the relationship between the cost of repair, parts ,and labor
  • Management
    • How to define “economic” life and manage the average age of your fleet
    • How to take strategic maintenance decisions and measure the results
    • How to your improve your budget