C.E.M.P. Course

C.E.M.P.Central specializes in the design and presentation of best in class training programs for equipment managers, financial managers and operations specialists who seek tools and techniques to improve fleet management and increase return on investment.

In company programs are specifically designed client companies to improve communication and develop required policies and procedures.

Public programs provide networking opportunities and build the confidence needed to develop new solutions, innovate and change.

The table below details the topics covered in a typical two day in company program.

Day 1 Day 2
1. Organization

How do we organize the company to manage its equipment assets.

6. Economic life, tools and techniques

How do owning and operating costs combine in the economic life calculation. How do we use the concept

2. Owning Costs

How do we define and quantify the fixed costs of ownership.

7. Managing life

How do you measure age and manage the average age of the fleet. How do you develop a Capex plan.

11:00—12 noon
3. Operating costs

How to define and quantify the cost of turning the key and putting the machine to work.

11:00—12 noon
8. Equipment and the financials

What is the impact of equipment related transactions on the financials. What about buy, borrow lease or rent.

Mid day break Mid day break
4. The rate and cost management.

How to use your knowledge of cost to understand and analyze variances in the equipment account.

9. Operational metrics

What operational metrics do you use. How do you define deployment, availability and utilization. What about reliability.

5. Strategic maintenance issues.

Maintenance is the first line of defense. Cleanliness is the key. There is money to be made.

10. Implementing the fundamentals

How do you implement the fundamentals, measure performance and reduce cost. The CEMP Way.


Open discussion.


Open discussion.

Public programs are presented in in partnership with Construction Equipment Magazine. Go to constructionequipment.com/ or constructionequipment.com/institute for details.

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