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I maintain an active consulting practice and devote substantial time to working with companies of every size to implement and achieve results from tools and technologies that advance the state of practice in equipment management.


My approach to consulting is based on three strongly held beliefs

  1. I have a high regard for my client companies.
    You have reached your current level of success through hard work and intelligent decision making. I bring little more than a fresh perspective and an undying belief that we can work together to make tomorrow better.
  2. Lasting change requires a focus on people and on simple solutions.
    I focus on the development of people and robust simple solutions to get the job done thoroughly, reliably and efficiently — today and tomorrow.
  3. Lasting improvement takes time — there are few if any silver bullets.
    I prefer to not be a hired gun. I prefer to work with organizations over time and solidly build the strength and ability needed to solve, grow and succeed in the long run.


I work a lot to achieve organizational change and to better define roles, responsibilities, accountability and authority for equipment management across the company. I am invariably able to bring equipment, operations and finance together to build a stronger team.

I also do a lot of work to set up the analysis tools needed to convert routinely collected data into actionable information. This leads to a better understanding of equipment performance to data driven rather than emotionally based decisions.

I present workshops and in house training programs in equipment management.

David H. Burrows Professor of Construction Engineering and Management Emeritus, Virginia Tech.
President, C.E.M.P. Central Inc.

Mike Vorster is the David H Burrows Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech where he has taught in the Construction Engineering and Management Program since 1986.

His teaching and research interests focus on construction equipment, estimating, cost engineering, and contract dispute resolution. He is a consultant to various companies in these areas and is the academic advisor to the Association of Construction Equipment Managers for whom he has presented a number of seminars and short courses focusing on the management of Construction Equipment. Mike is the author of close to 100 articles in Construction Equipment and of Construction Equipment Economics, a standard guide and reference text in equipment management. He leads in the design and presentation of the Construction Equipment Management Program.

He is a member of the National Academy of Construction and the Virginia Tech Academy of Teaching Excellence. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering, an MBA from the University of Cape Town and a PhD from the University of Stellenbosch. He is the recipient of numerous awards including the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award, the American Society of Civil Engineering Peurifoy Award for contributions to construction research and the South African Institute of Civil Engineers Basil Reid Gold Medal for contributions to construction. He is a Fellow of the South African Institution of Civil Engineers and is registered as a Professional Engineer in South Africa.

Mike and his wife, Merle, live in Blacksburg. They are blessed with two sons, their families and five grandchildren.

Mike Vorster

1405 Highland Circle
Blacksburg VA 24060
(540) 961 0732


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